• Post natal massage is essential for a new mother

    While women are pregnant, we spend a lot of time and energy focusing on how to help women to be the healthiest they can be. We talk about nutrition, exercise and rest. However, once the baby comes home, the focus tends to turn towards the baby and away from mum and that’s not good for mum or for baby. It’s important even after bringing the baby home from the hospital that you should still take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. For such reasons, a mother needs a post natal massage.

    After the birth of the baby, the new mother’s body is massaged daily for 30 to 40 days; it is called post natal massage. Massage after delivery is a good action to relieve the new mother’s. There is relief from massage in places where there is a pain in the body due to the delivery process. Throughout the entire process of the birth of the baby, there is a lot of tension on the body. Especially on the stomach, lower back and hips. To generate extra details on post pregnancy massage kindly go to Theraply.


    If breastfeeding of the baby is not done in the right position, then the back may also cause pain on the upper side. A post natal massage increases the blood flow and oxygen in the muscles and eliminates the toxic elements from the body.

    Massage encourages the body to make endorphins; it is a natural painkiller and a good-feeling hormone, this comes out of the brain. If the delivery was done by caesarean operation, then the massage can help recover quickly. However, do not massage it until the wound is fully cured. After recovering, massaging the area with light hands increases blood supply and helps in recovering internal wounds. Caesarean operation is major surgery and should consult the doctor about whether or not the body is ready for massage.

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